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Project title :  Calliope


Total area (m2): 100, 00 m2

Year of completion: 2013

Location: CHANIA 

Interior/Architectural Design & Supervision: Elia Sifodaskalaki

Photography: Zaharakis Spyros

Step into a harmonious oasis of modernity and well-being. Our contemporary health and beauty space redefines the experience of self-care. Sleek, minimalist aesthetics meet natural elements, creating an inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. Clean lines and neutral tones exude tranquility, while large windows flood the space with natural light, seamlessly merging the indoor and outdoor worlds. Cutting-edge technology seamlessly complements traditional wellness practices, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your health and beauty needs. Immerse yourself in this sophisticated sanctuary where form and function merge, making your journey to self-enhancement an artful experience.